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This is Hamun writing, also known as keinto from the Katawa Shoujo Forum. Just made this quick and if any people are interested in expanding this please contact me on these different sites.
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The song:

Summer's Clover

Table of contents:

Part 1 - Common Path
Common_00 - Prologue

Common_01 - The Runner

Common_02 - Singalong

Common_03 - A Girl Named Suzu

Common_04 - Shared Table

Common_05 - Evening Stroll

Common_06 - To Town, To Town

Common_07 - Troubled Correspondence

Common_08 - One Night in July

Common_09 - Echoes of the Past

Part 2 - Suzu Branch

Suzu_01 - Serendipity

Suzu_02 - Reverie

Suzu_03 - Fireworks

Suzu_04 - The New World

Suzu_05 - Hand in Hand

Suzu_06 - Morning Stroll

Suzu_07 - Sands of Time

Suzu_08 - Night on the Town

Suzu_09 - Frayed Knot

Suzu_10 - Amends

Suzu_11 - Small Hope

Suzu_12 - Loss

Suzu_13 - Reminiscence

Suzu_14 - Redemption

Part 2 - Hisao Branch

Hisao_01 - Study and Such

Hisao_02 - Homecoming

Hisao_03 - Country Jaunt

Hisao_04 - Blood and Sweat

Hisao_05 - Past Zenith

Hisao_06 - Over the Hills

Hisao_07 - Hello, Yamaku

Hisao_08 - Into the Deep

Hisao_09 - Noon Run

Hisao_10 - Disconnection

Hisao_11 - Goodbye, Hello